Are You Ready to
Live An Ageless

Are you ready to look 10 Years Younger?

Are You Ready to
Live An Ageless

Are you ready to defy gravity with body,
mind and soul?

Discover "The 5 Gravity Defying Foods" That Will Restore and Revitalize Your Skin!

Are you ready to learn a simple way you can turn back 10 years to look and feel your best? Schedule your Age Defying Breakthrough Session and I’ll show you the exact steps you can take to reverse aging within weeks (and find out the one thing that’s holding you back)

You want to look and feel beautiful, confident and maybe even sexy!

You want to be are seen for who and what you are.

After all 50 is the new 30.. but do you know how to get there?

Join the An Ageless Life to learn what you can starting with just 5 minutes a day!

Is this you?

  • I look like I am frowning even when you are not
  • My skin sags and is dull
  • I feel older than I am
  • My waist disappeared
  • I don’t have energy to do anything
  • I have lost my desire for new adventures or even those activities that I thought were exciting
  • No matter how many hours I sleep, I am tired all the time
  • Nothing I have tried works

What if THIS could be you?

What if you could look and feel younger than you did 10 years ago (even if you don’t have any energy)?

What if you could love the way you look and have all the energy to follow your passion?

What if you could…

  • Love the way you look
  • Start your day pain free every morning
  • Find your waist again!
  • Be excited about the way you look in the mirror
  • Start your day with so much energy you are excited to jump in
  • Age is a number and does not reflect how you look or feel about yourself. Do those activities that you have been waiting for ever to do!
  • Try something new and excited without fear of failur

What if you could look in the mirror and say...

  • I look better that I did when I was thirty!
  • I finally have the energy ( and the time) to take on the passion projects.
  • I used to come home every night too exhausted to do anything but watch TV, now I have no time to watch TV because I am out in the world following my passions.
  • I’m proud of what I see when I look in the mirror.
  • I walk into a room and people notice.
  • I try new things but the fear of failure no longer stops me!
  • Age is just a number and does not reflect how I look or feel about myself.

Ageless Clients

“Through Diana’s work I feel and look great. I am wearing clothes I never thought I would be able to wear again. The goal was not to lose weight it just happened. I love the way that I look and feel now! My doctor was so impressed she stopped all my prescription medications because I do not need them anymore. She asked me what I have been doing.” C.H.

“The Ageless Life” Can Work for You!

Erica C was in her 50’s when we started working together. She is officer in the military and wanted to progress in rank and deploy if necessary. She spent many years working and training to perform her wartime job and felt it was her responsibility to lead her unit during deployment. However, she had one major obstacle, she had rheumatoid arthritis controlled through weekly injections and a monthly lab test to monitor her body’s liver functions. Both the condition and the treatment would stop her from being deployed, preventing her from living up to her commitment.

Later, I learned this medical condition could also prevent from being considered for a General Officer’s position. Erica did not like what the medications did her body as she often felt nauseous and fatigued for a day or two after the shot. The shot kept her disease from progressing which was ok in the beginning but now there was too much at stake. Erica and I began working on understanding what was going on with her body. She learned that she had tools to help her body manage the aging process and the stress of her position.

This story has a very happy ending. After a year of consult and lifestyle changes, she stopped taking the shot. During a follow-up appointment with her arthritis doctor, he determined the shot was no longer necessary. She called me with great news. She no longer needed the weekly injections! Erica reports she understand what her body needs and how to age rather than getting old. She has been promoted and is working on her next big assignment!

About Diana –
Creater of An Ageless Life

Hello, I am so glad that you are here.

I would like to share a bit about my personal journey that has brought me to this point. About 10 years ago I started to feel like I was fading, almost like I was becoming invisible. I was not sleeping well, I did not have any energy, I was gaining weight. I did not have the spring in my step or the desire to do much of anything. I felt like I looked older that I should and was worried that this was going to be what the rest of my life was like.

Old, fat and wrinkled, not longer valued at work and unsatisfying personal relationships. My posture changed, my body changed and I did not like the changes that were happening.

I decided to go to see my physician, thinking there had to be something physically wrong with me. After a thorough exam I was told there was nothing wrong with me , and it was part of the aging process. How depressing!! I knew this was not true because my fitness coach told me my metabolism was so low that she was surprised I was awake and walking around.

After seeing a woman in her 80s celebrating her BD at a local restaurant – I saw her vibrancy, she was laughing, everyone around her was so engaged and enjoying her her wit and company.

I wanted to be that woman. I wanted to age like that. I did not want to be like a faded Hollywood star chasing youth but to write my own story on my own terms. To be like is Meryl Streep or Helen Mirren. These woman have aged in their industry the relies on looks and have kept working on their terms … They have aged not gotten old.

I am fortunate that over 30 years experience in pharmacy and over 10 years experience dancing and teaching Argentine Tango and the drive to live life fully and in a holistic manner.

I created An Ageless Life: The Defy Gravity Program to help woman that are facing the same challenges that I faced.

My program helps women to enjoy life no matter what their age – to fully embody the adage “age is just a number it is how you live your life that counts.


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