I’ve been where you are.

Several years ago I started to feel like I was fading, almost like I was becoming invisible.  I wasn’t sleeping well, I had no energy and I was gaining weight.

I felt old, fat and wrinkled. I didn’t feel valued at work and my  personal relationships were unsatisfying. I looked in the mirror and saw my mother.

There must  be something physically wrong with me – right?  But basically my doctor said was nothing wrong with me – I was just getting old! 

I started noticing women around me.  I saw a woman in her 80s celebrating her birthday at a local restaurant. She was vibrant and beautiful. She was laughing and everyone around her was enjoying her wit and presence.

I wanted to be that woman.  I wanted to age like that.  I didn’t want to be like a faded Hollywood star chasing youth but I wanted to write my own story – on my own terms. I didn’t mind aging but I didn’t want to be OLD! Sound familiar?

I created An Ageless Life to help woman that are feeling the same way I had felt – old and invisible.  

I am fortunate that I have over 30 years experience in the medical field and over 10 years  dancing and teaching Argentine Tango. I had the drive to live life my way and to live it in a holistic manner.

So – let’s enjoy life no matter what our age. Let’s fully embody the adage “age is just a number” and let’s live our life ageless!

Erica’s Story

Erica C was in her 50’s when we started working together. She is officer in the military and wanted to progress in rank and deploy if necessary. She spent many years working and training to perform her wartime job and felt it was her responsibility to lead her unit during deployment. However, she had one major obstacle, she had rheumatoid arthritis controlled through weekly injections and a monthly lab test to monitor her body’s liver functions. Both the condition and the treatment would stop her from being deployed, preventing her from living up to her commitment.

This medical condition could also prevent from being considered for a General Officer’s position. Erica did not like what the medications did her body as she often felt nauseous and fatigued for a day or two after the shot. The shot kept her disease from progressing which was ok in the beginning but now there was too much at stake.

Erica and I began working on understanding what was going on with her body. She learned that she had tools to help her body manage the aging process and the stress of her position.

After a year of coaching, hard work and lifestyle changes, she stopped taking the shot. During a follow-up appointment with her arthritis doctor, he determined the shot was no longer necessary. She called me with great news. She no longer needed the weekly injections! Erica reports she understand what her body needs and how to age rather than getting old. She has been promoted and is working on her next big assignment!

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